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Tibetan Cultural Center
3655 Snoddy Road
P.O. Box 2581
Bloomington, IN 47402  

Phone: 812-334-7046
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Event Scrapbook
Pictures of Recent Activities

The Tibetan Cultural Center has hosted a number of activities and has participated in others.  Some kind supporters have forwarded photos of these events which you may now view by clicking the appropriate link. 

 Oct 28 - 21 Tara Initiation Photos
 Oct 28 - Prayers for victims of the September 11th terrorism. Photos
Oct 7 - Ground Purification Ceremony Photos
Aug 19 - Stupa Painting Party and ceremony Photos
Aug 20 - An open
Letter of thanks from Thubten J. Norbu
  Feb 24 - Losar (Tibetan New Year) Celebration


We wish to especially thank Paul Mandabach who took the pictures of the Interfaith Weekend, the Heart Sutra Teachings, and Rinbo's visit to the TCC.
 Nov 17 - Lady Kushmo Sakya & "Living in the Land of Snows"
 Nov 18 - Chamtse Ling Ground Breaking Ceremony
 Nov 19 - Dorje Phurba Initiation & Teaching by Dagchen Rinpoche
 Nov 5 - "Compassion" CD Signing and Cello Performance
 Oct 7 - TCC Appreciation "Picnic" and Musical Performances
 Sept 16 - 17 - Chongtul Rinpoche of the Bon Tradition
 Sept 9 - Workshop on Pain and Suffering
 July 1-2 - TCC Supporters at the Smithsonian's Tibet: "Land of Snows"
May 26-27 - Rinbo's Visit  to the TCC on the Way to Washington, D.C.
 May 26-30 - The Heart Sutra:  Teachings by Khensur Rinpoche
 April 28-30 - Interfaith Weekend:  Religion and the Power of Healing
 April 25 - Celebration of the Panchen Lama's Birthday at IU

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