Youth Essays selected for the Chamtse Ling Temple Dedication


By Andrew Hosey
Grade 12
Bloomington, Indiana

All of mankind dreams of a perfect world.
A world without hate, jealousy, fear and pain.
A vision of world peace is what we really want.
It's what we really need to survive, love for each other.
And the greatest men and women of all time took steps toward this vision.
What made these people great was their ability to share this vision with all.
Their ability to give sight of this vision to the blind masses.
Their ability to open the eyes, minds and hearts of everyone
That they ever came in contact with.
These great people helped humanity better itself.
They made the world a better place.
But it will take time for humanity to realize the beauty of world peace.
It also will take even more great people.
People with the same ability to make their vision your own.
One day it will happen and I hope I live to share the vision with the world.

Let Peace Begin With Me

By T.C. Ranard
Grade 10
Solsberry, Indiana

Let me plant the seed in the desolate battlefield.
Let its roots grow deep in the ground and cleanse it of the blood of innocent men.
Let its petals cover up the smoke blanketing the sky.

Let the buzz of honeybees collecting  pollen drown out the gunshots and screams in the distance.
Let its color fade the darkness in men's hearts.
Let this single seed bring peace to the world.

And let that peace begin with me.

How, O Allah, How?

By: Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim
(In the name of God, the benevolent, the merciful)
Olivia Mohamed El-Desouqi Ibrahim Abdelaziz El-Awady
Grade 9
Bloomington, Indiana

In memory of my grandfather, Ibrahim Abdelaziz El-Awady

How many years have passed since my grandfather was killed in war in 1969?
How many tears have escaped from my grandmother's eyes since?
How much fear feasted on her soul as each of her sons was drafted?
How much terror tore through her heart at each knock on her door announcing a son wounded?

How many dark nights have marauded by since my father was maimed in war in 1973?
How many nightmares have battered him since?
How many ghosts from the battlefield have visited in broad daylight?
How many days were lost to taming torturous demons?
How many generations of his sons will war consume?

How many times have we been called dogs, cockroaches, a cancer, a disease that needs to be destroyed, exterminated, crushed?
How much hatred does each bullet shot at us bring?
How much desire for revenge does each rocket fuel?
How much anger does each house demolition ignite?
How much bitterness does each humiliation incubate?

How much of their hatred and racism will we allow to poison our hearts in return?
How many will we kill before we become everything violent we despise in them?
How many times will I have to say this conflict can never be solved by violence?
How many voices will I have to gather who refuse to kill to be stronger than your bullets?
O Allah, I want to be our Ghandi, our Martin Luther King, our Nelson Mandela.

Make a Difference

By Cassidhe Hart
Age 16
Bloomington, Indiana

The world needs peace ~
What can I do to make a difference?
I am one among many,
Small among large,
Weak among strong.
I feel alone in my endeavor
Of peacemaking.
The world needs peace ~
What can I do to make a difference?
Peace seems unattainable,
Out of my grasp,
Beyond my reach.
There is so little peace in
This world.
The world needs peace ~
What can I do to make a difference?
It takes one step to begin,
One to start others,
One to point the way.
It only takes one spark to start
A fire.
The world needs peace ~
What can I do to make a difference?
Peace is smiling at a stranger,
Helping brother with homework,
Holding my tongue.
Peace is actively loving all of
God's children.
The world needs peace ~
What can I do to make a difference?
I can love.
And that makes all the difference in the world.