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Tibetan Cultural Center
3655 Snoddy Road
P.O. Box 2581
Bloomington, IN 47402  

Phone: 812-334-7046
Fax: 812-335-9054


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Getting Involved


A Letter to Our Friends

Dear Friend,

The mission of the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana is to provide opportunities to acquaint you with the history and culture of Tibet, to support Tibetans everywhere--both in Tibet and in exile--and to preserve Tibetan culture through educational and philanthropic endeavors. In 1992 Indiana Lieutenant Governor Frank O'Bannon added the Tibetan Cultural Center to the list of the Department of Tourism's "Hidden Treasures of Indiana." Our emphasis is on the practice of Buddhism as well as the study of Buddhist philosophy in the Tibetan tradition. We offer many programs annually, providing teachings, retreats, and practice under the guidance of its founding Rinpoche, Thubten Jigme Norbu, the eldest brother of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Preserving the Tibetan culture and at the same time interacting with people from different backgrounds build bridges to enable us to reach out to other sentient beings. By opening our hearts, we support all the cultures and religions in the world. Our aim is to create an environment which will foster peace, love, and compassion.

We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Tibetan Cultural Center. As a member you will receive a discount on all our events.  Our membership fund contributes to keeping the Tibetan culture and Buddhist teachings alive on the local level. As a Tibetan Cultural Center member, you are privileged to receive:

1. Tibetan Cultural Center newsletters and annual reports
2. A discount on activities and programs

      • educational programs,
      • lecture series
      • special exhibits
      • Dharma teachings and retreats

3. Invitation to the teaching/meditation session held every Sunday at 1 p.m.
4. 10% discount at the Snow Lion Restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana

TCC Membership Fee Categories:

Single _______________ $35.00 per year
Family _______________$50.00 per year
Student/Senior/Clergy___$25.00 per year

Please send us your name, address, phone number and payment and send to:

Tibetan Cultural Center
P.O. Box 2581
Bloomington, IN 47402.

Please make all checks payable to TIBETAN CULTURAL CENTER or send Visa/Mastercard number & expiration date. A note: if you pay with credit card we need your name exactly as it appears on the card. Thank you!

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